Princess Love Says Being Pushed in Pool by Ray J Was Karma + Yandy Smith Defends Activism

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Ray J and Princess Love give an update on their relationship.

“Love And Hip Hop Unclocked” has given the stars from the different spinoffs a chance to address their past controversial moments on the franchise. When it comes to “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” stars Princess Love and Ray J, a lot of their issues have played out on television. And after years of fighting, Princess decided to file for divorce. However, she would later withdraw the petition just for Ray J to file months later.

To no surprise, they were both asked where they stand as of now.

Princess Love said, “We’re actually getting along better than ever. We’re working on co-parenting right now. And guess we’ll just take it one day at a time.”

Princess Love thinks being pushed in the pool was karma.

They also addressed the controversial scene of Ray J pushing Princess in a pool. Kendall Kyndall asked Ray J if he did it on purpose. Before he could answer, Princess said, “Yes, you did.”

But she believes she deserved it.

“That was my karma though because I was upset because I felt like he set me up. And I tried to push him in so that was my karma.”

She also explained why she felt as if Ray J set her up, “Because he was being so nice in the beginning then he started saying this long speech, and then I started to see, ‘Oh, this scene is so you could break up with me.’”

They weren’t the only ones who set the record straight on things. Yandy Smith had something to say about people who accused her of protesting for clout.

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